About Asco Lights

Asco Lights can boast over a decade of lighting industry heritage. We consider ourselves to be lighting innovators, stuff designers, and connoisseurs, and we offer both our expertise and lighting products to local and national clients who themselves may be professionals or end-users.

We work alongside architects, interior designers and electrical engineers as lighting experts on private and commercial lightingprojects. Our talented lighting designers and project managers offer advice on all aspects of indoor and outdoor lighting, compliance with building regulations and Part L, and the latest in sustainability and energy saving lighting systems. And we supply the finest luminary fittings as well as offering an international sourcing or bespoke lighting design service where precisely the right fitting is not readily available.

Spectacular Lighting Designs

All beautifully lit spaces start with an inspired lighting design. Our skilled lighting consultants are adept at merging the practical science of luminosity calculations, angles and positioning with the art of forming just the right ambiance for a space through the colour, intensity and adaptability of the light that this creates. This vision is then converted into exquisitely detailed and accurate CAD plans for your electrical engineers to follow.

High End Lighting Products

Our ‘appointment only’ showrooms in Cheshire and Manchester showcase a massive collection of hand-picked lights and lighting systems in infinitely adaptable residential and commercial space display areas.

Our team of talented lighting designers are on hand to develop unique lighting solutions and bespoke fitting designs to meet the exacting needs of your project.

We regularly source lights from around the globe to suite the practical or flamboyant, statement or serene expectations of our clients.

Professional Support

As an independent lighting consultancy we also offer all the professional support a client could need from installation and lighting consultancy to project management and home automation.

From the inception to the completion of a project Asco Lights are the lighting experts you need by your side.